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Laracon EU 2015 – Day 2

I was far more refreshed on day two after resisting the urge to go out with the people I’d met the night before. I half regretted it as it turned out some prominent members of the community were out, but ne’mind. I slept.

After being somewhat shocked when my Airbnb host turned up unexpectedly as I...

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Laracon EU 2015 – Day 1

My first Laracon and my first conference for quite some time; day one has provided me with much to think about.

All the talks have been of a very high standard but the two, well, three, that stand out most are:

★ Matt Stauffer – Empathy Gives You Superpowers (joind.in).

This was the ke...

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The Cull (my time is precious)

I’ve spent the entire bank holiday weekend decorating. I’ve not had time to keep up with my constant stream of information. Then I listened to Roderick on the Line #122 – Parliament of the Moment (I’m a little behind on Roderick, they’re on 155 now. If only I had more time).

Basically, John and...

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Are these amazing website builders threatening your agency? Potentially. It all depends on where you place yourself in the market.

People and businesses are getting more web savvy and at the same time fantastic tools are being developed that allow the building of beatiful fast and responsive websi...

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