Laracon EU 2015 – Thoughts

I’ll admit, I expected more talks about Laravel specifically. This wasn’t the case. It was more a conference for developers.

Sitting in a conference venue going through endless code talks is not a good way to learn. One or two piques the interest but this stuff is best learned in a more comfortable environment with Laracasts. It’s not something you can take in endlessly throughout the day gabapentin 300 mg.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed the code talks. As I said on talks of note on day 1, Adam Wathan’s code refactor talk I thoroughly enjoyed, but sitting through a day of it would be too much.

Looking at the comments on it seems some had different expectations. It’s easy to dismiss them and ridicule, but I’m going to practice empathy here. They’d paid a lot of money and had an expectation of their return. Perhaps a wildly unrealistic expectation, but it was there. Many factors may have contributed to this; not having been to previous conferences, previous Laracon, lack of expectation setting on the conference organiser’s part… who knows, but it was there. Hopefully, those people, on reflection, will be able to look past it and realise the benefits. It’s a shame, but being a single-track conference, you get what you’re given.

Personally, I prefer single-track conferences because I learn things on topics I may not have gone to, and I don’t feel guilty for missing another person’s talk. But then, you may have to sit through some talks that aren’t your cup of tea. Pros and cons.

I’d definitely go again. I learnt a lot and met some nice people. It was an experience.

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