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My 2016 Year in Review

2016 has been dire: Brexit, Snoopers charter, Donald Trump, I despair – but personally it has been a triumph. At the beginning of this year I set myself a challenge – to move up. Well, actually the challenge started about 3 years ago. The challenge then was to catch up ten years of career develo...

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Super Duper Power Key (change capslock, you don't use it anyway)

Brett Terpstra (a power user hero) wrote about this back in 2012, and here I am documenting my version of it (and the apps have since been renamed).

The capslock key is somewhat useless yet it takes up so much space on the keyboard. Power users (like me, ha) also have a lot of keyboard shortcuts...

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A Day of REST Conference

I’m on the train home from London after 2 of days of learning about the new WordPress REST API.

Day one was the conference itself, and the second a hack day. The whole event was organised by Human Made, who’s employees, among others, have been spearheading the project — A project that is g...

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Laracon EU 2015 – Day 2

I was far more refreshed on day two after resisting the urge to go out with the people I’d met the night before. I half regretted it as it turned out some prominent members of the community were out, but ne’mind. I slept.

After being somewhat shocked when my Airbnb host turned up unexpectedly as I...

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Laracon EU 2015 – Day 1

My first Laracon and my first conference for quite some time; day one has provided me with much to think about.

All the talks have been of a very high standard but the two, well, three, that stand out most are:

★ Matt Stauffer – Empathy Gives You Superpowers (joind.in).

This was the ke...

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