Add the OSX Character Viewer as an Alfred shortcut

December 18, 2012Alfred

I like to keep my menu bar as tidy as possible so I don’t show the icon for Input Sources. But I still like to access the Character Viewer every now and then for a fancy icon. Getting to this app requires jumping through a few hoops. I decided I no longer wanted to jump […]

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Just ship it (really?)

October 19, 2012software, thoughts

There was a time, in my lifetime, where version 1.0 was THE version. It had to be. There was very little room for error because getting an updated version out the door cost a lot of money, and was a difficult task. Back then – I’m talking pre fast Internet – the cost of a […]

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Send only from your iOS device

July 11, 2012productivity

I decided a while ago (after reading Getting Things Done actually) that I wouldn’t check email on my phone anymore. I’d end up doing it before bed and at other moments that I couldn’t action the items; I’d just end up worrying about it (perhaps worry is the wrong word, but it would be on […]

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Git & GitHub & Version Control Training

June 12, 2012software

I dabbled in Subversion a year (or so) ago. I’ll be honest, I struggled. I seemed to spend so much time trying to fathom errors that didn’t make sense to me that I eventually gave up. But I knew that if I mastered the system it could be of great benefit to me and my […]

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May 25, 2012WordPress

I’ve just finished version one of the Resources section ( is a cancer support website I work for). We were finding increasingly that we needed a place to dump answers to questions and generally provide information about the non-profit that is JTV Media Learning Ltd. As runs on WordPress I rolled out the […]

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