CodeKit will change me

November 14, 2011

CodeKit Logo

Ever since becoming self employed I’ve been making a concerted effort to be as efficient as possible. Time is money, and when I’m not using my time for client work I’m not being paid.

I’ve recently been looking at LESS, apart from saving time it’s very powerful and takes CSS development into the next century. But the problem has been that it’s required extra work in making it all compile. And while it’s perfectly possible to create a nice workflow around it I just haven’t dedicated the time to doing so.

That’s where CodeKit by Bryan Jones. (I went to school with a Brian Jones, different Brian).

It brings a whole host of common web designer’s requirements together in one package, so you not only get the benefits of on the fly LESS compilation (and sass, scss, etc.) but it will also check your JavaScript and compile CoffeeScript (another thing I’ve been meaning to look into), and optimise your images, and reload your web browser when a change is saved.

An extra powerful feature, though, is support for frameworks. We’ve all got files that we use again and again; the frameworks feature lets you keep one copy of these files on your hard disk, then just link them up. On compile a copy of your framework file will go into your main stylesheet, and any overrides that you’ve made in your active project will be taken into account.

The app is currently in Beta but will go into the App Store once completed and cost a very reasonable $10 or so.

On the app webpage there’s some videos that explain it better than words ever could.

I’m very much looking forward to adding CodeKit to my workflow.