Instant data, a speculative fiction, and Wolfram Alpha

February 25, 2014general

We’re reached this point where everyone is constantly staring at their phones, myself included —though I’m trying to mitigate that. I’ve also often heard people talking about how having the internet available to you to find the answer to something quickly destroys conversation, speculative conversation, as to what the answer might be. The joy being […]

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Code Monkey

February 3, 2014general

The Silent Subcontractor by Laura Kalbag This article explains perfectly some of the frustrations I’ve had recently when working with an agency. Many times when working on a project small issues crop up. Issues that can easily be solved with a quick chat or a quick explanation as to why something has been implemented slightly […]

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BEM navigation menu

January 23, 2014general

BEM1 is all the rage right now. It’s a methodology for naming your CSS classes that gives you, and other developers, a much greater idea of what the class is doing. There are a few variations on how it’s implemented but the basic ideas are the same. CSS Wizard gives a good clear overview of […]

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Art History and the Internet

January 16, 2014general

Art, architecture, and even graphic design, have critics and historians that give context to new work through the lenses of culture and important work from the past. — Jason Santa Maria This is an interesting point. The mentioned are easy to view. A website or coffee table book can display these design elements and discuss […]

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Powered by Markdown

January 15, 2014general

Pretty much everything I write I now do in Markdown. The speed and ease of writing formatted text is truly amazing and removes distraction while you would have shuffled to the mouse, highlighted text and then turned it into an H1. I know there are keyboard shortcuts for that kind of thing but even when […]

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Vagrant and setting a hostname

January 13, 2014general

Sometimes you have a mental block, and I had it with setting a hostname recently. I put config.vm.hostname = “” in the Vagrantfile but whenever I visited that address in the browser I got a not found error. Based on my searches to resolve this issue I am pretty stupid because I found nothing that […]

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