PHP North West ’14 and The State Of The Community

October 8, 2014,

Hot on the heels of the iOS dev course I headed to the PHP North West conference. My first time at this conference, which was in its 7th year. While I’m no conference veteran by any stretch it was clear to see how well organised it all was. The quality of the speakers was excellent, […]

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iOS Development Training

October 6, 2014

Last week I had the pleasure of attending an iOS development course. Organised by NTI Leeds and presented by Dave Verwer. Set in the lovely environment of Old Broadcasting House with modern equipment; All course attendees, 7, had use of 27" iMacs. I was excited about attending, I’ve been wanting to learn iOS development for […]

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Fifteen – Lucky

May 16, 2014,

Fifteen – Lucky I got this album many years ago, before I even went to universty. I’d moved out of home and was living in Leeds with some friends. We were part of the punk rock scene and I/we were exploring the many political and ethical questions that were raised by the music – sexism, […]

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Mind Fire

May 12, 2014

I picked up Mind Fire by Scott Berkun recently. On holiday I finally settled down to read it. How refreshing. How inspiring. How confirming. How confirming‽ What I mean by that is that it’s wonderful to get some confirmation of my thought patterns. I often find myself pondering all sorts of infentesiomaly small details, or […]

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Instant data, a speculative fiction, and Wolfram Alpha

February 25, 2014

We’re reached this point where everyone is constantly staring at their phones, myself included —though I’m trying to mitigate that. I’ve also often heard people talking about how having the internet available to you to find the answer to something quickly destroys conversation, speculative conversation, as to what the answer might be. The joy being […]

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Code Monkey

February 3, 2014,

The Silent Subcontractor by Laura Kalbag This article explains perfectly some of the frustrations I’ve had recently when working with an agency. Many times when working on a project small issues crop up. Issues that can easily be solved with a quick chat or a quick explanation as to why something has been implemented slightly […]

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